Since its founding, the company deals with the turning of large serius production of parts for hydraulic fittings and is export-oriented. The company first started exporting stainless steel cutting rings, and with this product it has established on the German market over the years, while increasing the number of customers.

The entire production is sold on the German market.

Today we produce two main product groups: stainless steel cutting rings for hydraulic fittings and parts for packaging machines.

Material for the production Štefan d.o.o. purchases on the domestic and the foreign market, mainly in Germany, depending on customer requirements for the quality.

The most significant project, and the one of greatest value, was the construction of a manufacturing hall that started in 2012 and ended in 2013, when the company moved to the newly-built building Razvor Business Zone in Kumrovec.
The hall has a gross area of ​​1,444 m2, of which 1,200 m2 is for the production, and 244 m2 is for the administrative part.
Apart from building a new hall, the company is constantly investing in the purchase of new machinery and delivery vehicles


Below is a list of the machines at Štefan d.o.o .:

5-axis CNC machining center DMU – 1 piece
3-axis CNC machining center HAAS – 2 pieces
CNC lathe HAAS – 1 piece
CNC lathe Index – 7 pieces
CNC lathe Gildemeister – 5 pieces
CNC lathe Mazak – 4 pieces
CNC lathe spinner – 1 piece
Classic milling machine – 2 pieces
Band saw – 2 pieces
Surface grinding machine
Cylindrical grinding machine
Classic lathe – 2 pieces
Contour measuring device Mitutoyo – 1 piece
Coordinate Measuring Machine Nikon – 1 piece
Transporter (combi) – 2 pieces